Mesa Grill Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a difficult place to find acceptable food for the gluten-intolerant and vegetarian. But at least the Mesa Grill in Caesar’s Palace has some options. It is pricey and was very busy, but that is hardly surprising given the location. We managed to grab the two last seats at the bar, or it would have been hours to wait because we didn’t have a reservation.

They offer several side dishes that were fine for my dietary needs. I had the Smoked Chile Collard Greens, the Double Baked Potato, and an Apple Salad. They were all wonderfully flavoured and didn’t cause any gluten reaction. I had barely eaten all day, so the memory of enjoying this wonderful food is one of my best from our trip to Vegas. Their menu indicates several other items that would probably be safe for me to eat and I’d definitely eat there again.

Mesa Grill on Urbanspoon

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